The Mushroom Gardener

Connecting community with nature through fungi


Mushroom gardens

Specializing in long lasting outdoor instillations producing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

  • Oyster mushrooms garden beds
  • Shiitake mushroom logs
*Other species and setups avaliable


DIY indoor grow workshops, native mushroom identification and other educational services.

  • DIY oyster mushroom buckets
  • Identification workshops


Microbial restoration techniques for degraded and contaminated soils.

  • Petrol and oil spills
  • Soil microbe restoration and inoculations


Consultation from $70

Assistance on small scale projects and identification.

Instillations from $250

For large scale projects and workshops


MUSHROOM GARDENER was founded in 2018 by Michael Woodland in Ballarat, Victoria. Michael studied mycology at Federation University while completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management); focusing on native fungi and their role in ecosystems.

During this time Michael also experimented with methods of home cultivation leading to the creation of MUSHROOM GARDENER; which aims to provide the tools and knowledge required to utlise gourmet, medicinal and remediative fungi.

Contact The Mushroom Gardener 0403 130 346 Michael Woodland